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Reading: A Class Based Approach to the Sri Lankan National Question


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A Class Based Approach to the Sri Lankan National Question


MeeNilanco Theiventhran

Masters Student, University of Colombo, LK
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The national question in Sri Lanka has developed on the basis of ethnic majority and minority. What many analysts have failed to see is the class issues that underlie the development of the national question. The emphasis on the class perspective in my opinion is the way forward since the Liberal and Nationalistic perspectives have failed to produce workable solutions to the Sri Lankan conflict for the past twenty five years. The national question as the current main contradiction in Sri Lanka has been conditioned by class interests and related vested interests that have been at play in transforming it into a war and in prolonging the war. Limiting oneself to the current political framework, the executive powers of parliament within that framework, and legislation will not allow us to appreciate the importance of national and class aspects of the national question. Drawing useful lessons from class perspective through healthy political debates can be advanced as an alternative.

Sri Lankan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.1(2) Oct 2009
Keywords: national question
How to Cite: Theiventhran, M., 2010. A Class Based Approach to the Sri Lankan National Question. Sri Lanka Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(2).
Published on 13 Dec 2010.
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